The Fishmarket Gallery and arts centre is the flagship project of the Northampton Arts Collective (NAC) an independently run, not-for-profit arts organisation. Featuring the largest gallery space outside a city in the UK this impressive building has been transformed into a hub for creative activity.

Originally built in the 1930's, the Fishmarket is situated in the heart of Northampton's town centre. Once a bustling and vibrant part of market town life, the closure of the building in 2006 was not the end of the story for this inspiring space.

Since that point NAC has transformed the old market hall into a home for the arts and creative business. Housing several independent retail outlets, artists' studios and a cafe bar alongside two independent gallery spaces, the Fishmarket offers visitors a truly unique cultural experience.

It was in this spirit of multi disciplinary collaboration that NAC was first founded by a group of local artists and practitioners in 2003. United by a common goal to elevate contemporary arts within Northamptonshire, their passion and determination has seen a landmark development in the town's cultural offering.

Ever ambitious, NAC and the Fishmarket have big plans for the coming years and are delighted to invite you to come and share in the next chapter of this exciting story.

fishmarket map